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Advertising Blimps - Advertising Balloons

Giant advertising balloons, advertising blimps, cold-air advertising balloons, advertising inflatables, helium advertising balloons and helium advertising blimps can make an IMPACT TODAY and you will still have it tomorrow.
An investment in one of our high quality advertising balloons and helium advertising blimps will get results immediately
Advertising blimps and advertising inflatables are a very inexpensive way to increase traffic to your business, event, booth or store.
We have advertising balloons from $169.00 and advertising blimps from $461.00. Add helium and it's an "INSTANT EVENT".
Advertising balloons and advertising blimps will attract attention to your business NOW! We have advertising blimps in stock and we manufacture all our blimps in the USA.

Advertising Blimps Get Results!

14 ft. advertising blimp   14 ft. advertising blimp with lettering  

 14 ft. advertising blimp - $665.00              14 ft. advertising blimp with artwork - $1021.00      14 ft. advertising blimp with custom artwork

  • 10 ft. advertising blimps - $544.00
  • 13 ft. advertising blimps - $775.00
  • 15 ft. advertising blimps - $991.00
  • 18 ft. advertising blimps - $1442.00
  • 21 ft. advertising blimps - $2036.00
  • 25 ft. advertising blimps - $3346.00
  • 30 ft. advertising blimps - $5376.00

Email us at

Call us at 1-800-791-1445 for more information.


advertising balloon with custom logo - 8ft. in diameter helium balloon  advertising balloon with custom Jolly ball logo
7 ft. advertising balloons with logos - from $533.00

If you use a little care you can use your balloon or blimp over and over again. Keep the helium balloon or blimp inside when it is windy. Tie the balloon or blimp in a place where the casual thief can't steal it and bring it in when no one is at the location. It is very seldom a balloon or blimp "wears out".
The most common reason to lose the use of your helium balloon or helium blimp is leaving it up in high wind. The second most common reason is that it is stolen. Each size advertising balloon or advertising blimp has a different wind load capacity. The larger the balloon or blimp the more wind it is able to handle.
  1. 5.5 ft. advertising balloons with lettering - $454.00
  2. 7.0 ft. advertising balloons with lettering - $701.00
  3. 8.5 ft. advertising balloons with lettering - $922.00
  4. 10 ft. advertising balloons with lettering -  $1133.00

Need to have a SALE? Put up that advertising balloon or advertising blimp and the SALE is NOW!
We have hundreds of advertising balloons and advertising blimps in stock and ready to ship today!
Give us a call at 1-800-791-1445 for advertising balloons!

Advertising blimp - 20' blimp with artwork. 11ft. blimps start at $461.00. 20ft. blimps from $1334.00
20 ft advertising blimps with CenturyTel logo.

Advertising Blimp w/KB Home logo. 14ft. blimps w/o artwork are $665.00 and are our best selling blimps. 14ft. blimps with artwork from $1021.00. We have hundreds of advertising balloons in stock.

Email Tom for advertising blimps and advertising balloons!

Blimp - 11' blimp with complex artwork - 11ft. blimp with artwork from $725.00. 11ft. blimps without artwork - $461.00.             11' advertising blimp with simple artwork - $725.00. Flys better than 18ft. pvc blimps.
 11 ft. Advertising Blimp with Rock Maple Racing logo
Advertising blimps - 7' blimps to hang only. Too small to fly.  
Advertising blimp - 11' blimp with medium complexity artwork - 11ft. advertising blimps w/o artwork - $461.00. We manufacture our advertising balloons and blimps in the USA.

Please browse our site of advertising balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables.
Do you need a custom shape advertising inflatable?
Do you need an inflatable product replica or a remote-control blimp or balloon?
Let us know!
We can give you a quick quote if you send us your product or artwork.
Custom advertising balloons and advertising blimps are our specialty!

Giant Advertising Balloons and blimps WORK!

Please call Brenda @ 1-800-791-1445 for more answers!

We ship


worldwide! 1-800-791-1445 or 602-246-3450

Email Tom for advertising blimps and giant balloons!

Advertising Balloon - Aero Dogs artwork. 7ft. balloons w/o artwork from $269.00. We manufacture our giant balloons in the USA from polyurethane not pvc. PVC is a known carcinogen and is being phased out worldwide.

You will save a fortune in helium costs using our Balloons!
Outside the USA please call 602-246-3450 or 602-938-3550.

Highest quality Advertising Balloons and Blimps for Less!

Advertising Blimp - KB Home  logo. 14ft. blimps start at $665.00 and are our best selling blimps. USA made advertising balloons and advertising blimps.

Email for advertising blimps! Tom

Over 300 Advertising Blimps and Giant Balloons in stock!

Advertising Blimp - 11ft. Centex Homes logo - $725.00. Our 11ft. blimps fit easily into a model home garage. Our blimps made from polyurethane fly much better and cost much less to operate than blimps made from pvc or nylon. Advertising balloons generate traffic!

Highest quality Advertising Balloons, Advertising Blimps & Inflatables for Less!

Directory World

The Best Custom Helium Inflatables Available!

Call us @ 1-800-791-1445

Advertising Blimps Work!
Giant Advertising Balloons

P.O.Box 30152, Phoenix, Arizona, 85046, US
phone: 800-791-1445

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